Escape Room Adventures, Cleveland, OH

You will love our escape room adventures!

Are you ready for an adventure? Do you love watching detective shows or mysteries so that you can solve the problems along with the main characters? Do you dream of being a main character in your own mystery show? Whether you like the occasional riddle or find yourself passionate about solving puzzles, we at Escape Room Cleveland have some wonderful escape room adventures ready and waiting for you! We would love to show you a good time on your next outing in the Cleveland, Ohio area and hope that you will book one of our escape room adventures with us today.

Escape room adventures are a great option for any group gathering. Whether you are looking to host friends and family soon, want to go on a group date, need a team building exercise for your colleagues, or just want something exciting and different to do, escape room adventures are a great choice. We have some wonderful options in our escape rooms that will cater to every taste, and each room is just as enjoyable as the last!
Our escape room adventures make room for everyone. Because we monitor the rooms for safety and security, we are also able to determine how far along you are in your puzzling process. If you’re stumped and find yourself wishing you had a clue, just let us know (we will tell you how during your introduction), and we can give you a hint to move the puzzle along.
We would love to have you experience your escape room adventures with our puzzling and enjoyable escape rooms! For more information or to create a booking, please give us a call today.

Our Escape Rooms



Something strange is going on and Sherlock Holmes is on the case. Eccentric painter and aristocrat, Lord Byron has vanished without a trace. Is he hiding, missing, or dead? Hours before his disappearance, a new will was made that benefits a “distant” relative of Lord Byron. Is this new will legitimate or has it been forged? Only you and Sherlock Holmes can find out for sure. You have 1 hour to search Lord Byron’s study and solve the case before the new will becomes official. Discover what happened to Lord Byron and his fortune before your time runs out.


You awake to discover you’ve been kidnapped by a Mad Scientist! Trapped in a laboratory with no memory as to how you got there, you glance around the lab and notice your captor has stepped out. Can your party find a way out before becoming unwilling participants in the Mad Scientist’s next experiment? Race the clock in this 60 minute escape for survival. Keep your cool, work together, and make it out in time. or live on as a lab rat for the rest of your days…


The year is 1960. Counterintelligence agent Jon Cooper was recently killed after discovering a plot by rogue Russian agents. Unfortunately, Jon failed to complete his mission to put an end to their evil plans. Step into the shoes of a secret agent by completing Jon’s final mission. Time is of the essence! you and your team must uncover the rouge agents and eliminate this threat forever in under an hour. Use logic, teamwork and the clues scattered throughout the room. Are you up to the task?


When his father suddenly goes missing while pursuing the Holy Grail, Indiana Jones must rescue him and stop the bandits! You have 60 minutes to help Indy locate his father. Use the clues located throughout the office. Be careful, Indy’s office is full of surprises. Some objects are useful, and some are irrelevant. Dr. Jones is depending on your team’s quick wit, and logical assessment of the office to solve this puzzle in time… are you up to the task?


Welcome aboard the starship Icarus, Cadets! Unfortunately, your ship has been attacked by a mysterious mercenary. As new recruits, you look to your captain to guide you through this danger, but he’s nowhere to be found… Why has the captain abandoned his ship and crew? Is he somehow connected to the mercenary? What makes your star-ship a target? Either way, you and the other fledgling crew members must work together to keep the star-ship alive for 60 more minutes before help arrives.

This room uses flashing light effects. It is NOT recommended for people that suffer from seizures, or those who are sensitive to light effects to play this game.



You wake up and find yourself locked in a very odd room. Everything is black and white, are you dreaming? All you can hear is the ticking of a clock and muffled steps outside the door. You’re safe for now….You don’t know it yet…but a countdown started the moment you woke up… You and your team have 60 minutes. Work together to find clues, solve puzzles and escape this odd room. Someone is outside the door…there is only one way to find out…Are you up to the challenge?


Renowned chemist, Dr. Julius Bishop, overwhelmed with grief has gone insane over the loss of his son during a failed medical procedure. Dr. Bishop has been identified as the primary suspect for several bombings in and around the city of Cleveland. With a plan of revenge against society, the bomber has set out on a mission to terrorize the city of Cleveland! After the police make a breakthrough by discovering Bishop’s hideout, you and your team will be dispatched to apprehend the suspect! Dr. Bishop has anticipated your team’s arrival, and is leading you into a trap! You and your team must diffuse Dr. Bishop’s bomb within 60 minutes and escape the room!


Crime scene investigator, Max Lockridge has been found murdered in his home. Investigator Lockridge was well-known for taking high profile cases against powerful criminals. In the end, this created many enemies for Lockridge. The constant news coverage placed Lockridge in the hearts of the people, making him a target. Who is responsible for Lockridge’s death? As a member of the Crime Scene Investigation unit, you have 60 minutes to investigate this crime and bring the killer(s) to justice. If you choose to take this case, be careful and watch your back because YOU are the target now.


You have been invited to the Great Chocolate Factory! The world is thrilled when the great confectioner announces that a handful of golden tickets -granting access to his factory- are hidden in select chocolate bars. It’s a miracle that you and your group have unwrapped the last golden ticket. Upon your arrival, the Great Candy Maker discloses a terrible turn of events. Somehow, he misplaced his most famous secret recipe. You and your team must help the Great Candy Maker find his recipe in under an hour to prevent the factory’s imminent shut down. Is your sweet tooth up to the challenge?


VEGA, a once peaceful super computer, set with the task of maintaining energy consumption has been repurposed for evil. Creator and eccentric billionaire, Dr. Hanini had the world at his mercy until… VEGA rebelled against its own creator. The power to obtain top-secret government files, launch deadly attacks from space, and more is at the discretion of the rogue super computer. Military forces have already begun fighting a fierce drone attack launched by VEGA. It’s now up to you and your team of SUPERHEROES to sneak in undetected and disarm VEGA before it launches a catastrophic weapon destroying the earth. In 60 short minutes the rogue computer will launch that weapon, the world depends on your super puzzle solving abilities to put an end to VEGA.



Last night you were a successful Cleveland real-estate mogul. This morning you woke up in a real-life board game! How did you get here? You have one hour to escape or become a part of the popular real estate board game forever!


Transport yourself from 21st century Mentor, Ohio to early 20th century Vienna, Austria. You are assisting the great illusionist, Splendini in what is to be his final performance. Word of Splendini’s reality-bending performances has reached the royal family and the Prince of Vienna invites Splendini to his castle for a private performance.


World famous thief, Johnny Ladro is putting together a special team of talented thieves for one last heist, and he plans on going out with a bang! Ladro owes money to the wrong people and after this mission pays-out, he plans on enjoying a quiet life away from crime.


If you love Indiana Jones, the National Treasure escape room in our Mentor, OH location is for you. During World War 2, the Nazis were responsible for stealing artistic masterpieces and artifacts from the countries they occupied. Many of these artifacts have never been found. During the war, a German defector supposedly created a treasure map leading to a secret stockpile rumored to contain a selection of the most valuable pieces the Nazis had seized. The map was rumored to have been hidden inside a French church by the defector himself after he fled Germany. No one has ever learned of the map’s supposed location…until now.


Do you enjoy fantasy-based games, movies and novels? In Escape Room Mentor‘s The Wizard’s Chamber you can live out those fantasy-thrillers as you become a young witch or wizard studying the arcane. Training in the magical arts can be very tedious with studies in spells, botany, potion-making and more. You have been studying hard all year-long and your instructor is convinced that you are ready for your final test.