Axe Throwing, Cleveland, OH

Test your skills at the newest and most exciting of group activities!

If you are looking for adventure, we at Escape Room Cleveland have a great idea: axe throwing. Axe throwing sounds like a strange activity… Who are you, Ron Swanson? Jason Momoa? The Most Interesting Man in the World? Nah, you’re you- and you’re about to discover a hobby you never knew you would enjoy!

Stick the landing after you learn a few easy axe throwing techniques. Come in with little to no experience and leave with a new skill. It’s like getting the cool teacher who LETS YOU THROW AXES IN CLASS. Not only that, but we are also the cool teacher who lets you sneak in snacks, too. Axe throwing is hungry work. If you’d like to meet your food here by ordering delivery, that’s fine by us– just be here to sign for it when it comes! Not planning on delivery? We got you. Bring whatever you like to drink and snack on. Forget the hassle of planning stops around your main event– let us host! If you’re too busy nailing bulls-eyes to eat while you play, don’t forget to pick up a coupon for 20% off your meal at TGI Fridays.
We have many people ask if they can bring in their own beer while they play. While the answer is yes, we ask that you contact us in advance if you plan on drinking and throwing. We are serious about underage drinking so be prepared for everyone in your party to show ID if you plan on drinking while at our establishment. If you’d like to learn more about axe throwing in the Cleveland, Ohio area, give us a call today! We look forward to seeing you soon.


Axe Throwing in Mentor, OH