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When you are looking for something fun to do in the Cleveland, Ohio area, then we at Escape Room Cleveland encourage you to come and check us out! Instead of defaulting to the same standard dinner and a movie night out, why not try a little action, adventure and intrigue? When you visit our facility, we know you will have a great time.

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We offer some unique and distinct options when it comes to our escape rooms. Because our escape rooms are not mass-produced, each one has something unique and different to try out. Each location will give you an immersive experience where you can feel the thrill of adventure. With meticulous attention to detail, clues within clues, and puzzles galore, people of all ages will have an enjoyable time. If you do get stuck and want some assistance, we have someone monitoring your progress to give you hints that can help you move along.

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An escape room gives you a place to have fun and test your skills!

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Enjoy activity and adventure through axe throwing.

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In addition to escape rooms, we also offer adventuresome axe throwing. Axe throwing is great for both large and small groups and is quickly growing in popularity. Because we allow you to bring your own beer — our version of BYOB — our axe throwing lanes are going to be more affordable without sacrificing any of the enjoyable aspects of the sport.

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If you are looking for a fun date night, a group activity with friends, or a bonding experience with work colleagues, then we encourage you to check out our escape rooms and axe throwing adventures. We have three locations in North Olmsted, Strongsville, and Mentor. For more information or to book an appointment, please give us a call today.


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23525 Lorain Rd., N. Olmsted, OH
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14765C Pearl Rd., Strongsville, OH
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7468 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH
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What Our Clients Say

I had so much fun for my first escape room!!! I highly recommend anyone who wants a fun and brain teasing escape room experience to come to the Strongsville location!

– Green Witch

This is a great escape room. Our group had a very enjoyable time doing the bomb squad room. I highly recommend doing this room. It is a quite difficult, but the amazing finish is worth it. The employees seem very nice and helpful.

– Christina M.

We had a blast! I think 12 people was a bit too much for 1 room. I’d cap out at 8 people max. 6 would probably be ideal. It was hot, too, so don’t wear heavy clothes. But it was well put together, and we had a good time. It required some coordination to solve between at least 3-4 people. But the clues definitely were a good mix, and there was a nice number of interactive features. I’d definitely go again!

– Melissa S.

I came in over the weekend to try the chocolate factory room with friends, and let me just say it was really fun! Good experience and friendly customer service!! I’m definitely recommending to the rest of my friends and my family!!

– Allie G.

Nice looking place. Very clean. The girl working the front desk was very nice. I was just there buying a gift certificate so not sure about the rooms, but I have heard all good stuff thus far.

– Douglas T.

Our family fun night started with the escape room, and this has BY FAR been the best escape room I’ve been to. The girls up front were super friendly and helped me and my family with fast clues and came in to help when something didn’t seem to be working right in our room. Thank you, Escape Room Strongsville, for a fun start to our family fun weekend!

– Iris T.

My friends and I had a great time!!! It was so fun, and the person we had talked to was very chill and respectful. We drove about 45 min to the place, and it was definitely worth it. I think it definitely helped us all together. Thank you so much, Escape Room Strongsville!!!

– Lillian C.

We had a great time on NYE. The staff member was awesome and helpful when we were stuck on a clue. Our experience was in the candy room, and we ESCAPED!!

– Natalie S.

I wanted to take my work team here as a team-building exercise, and I’m so glad I did! As a group of five, it took all of us working together to solve the clues to escape the room. It once again made me proud to know what a great team I have! The staff here is so nice and accommodating. I highly recommend this place to anyone!

– Mark Z.

I had a blast with some friends here this past week in the black and white room. We didn’t make it out in time, but we had fun. We did our best, but it was also challenging. So, if you enjoy adventure, intrigue, mystery, coding, and fun in general, go here!! Location in Strongsville!!! Plus, the staff was very kind and helpful.

– Abby B.

I have wanted to do an escape room for a while now, and I had a great first experience here. The gamemaster was very nice and helped make sure our game was running smoothly and fun for us. We did the chocolate factory room, and I was impressed with all the “surprises” and clues. I will be back to try some of the other rooms!

– Amanda T.

Amazing service! The game supervisors were very helpful, and the rooms were very well put together. We did the chocolate factory room, which was very intricate and a bit of a challenge but still very fun. I loved the Willy Wonka references. I will definitely recommend this place to others. Thank you!

– Helena M.

Unexpected fun! Our game supervisors were awesome. They helped us along when we got stuck. Our group was comprised of 3 first-timers in the CSI-themed room. We did not complete the challenge, but we got the hang of it for next time. I would definitely return and recommend this location to others.

– Many W.

First time doing an escape room. I went as a team-building event with coworkers. We were assigned the superheroes room. Took us/me a little while to get going, as none of us had any experience, but it turned out to be really cool. We somehow even managed to escape with about 20 seconds to spare. Do try some of the practice puzzles in the lobby!

– Heath P.

This place is awesome. Friendly staff members who really engage with you and make the experience that much better! Can’t wait to go back!

– Jason O.

Our daughter and her friends had a great experience and a really fun time. The manager was a really nice guy and went out of his way to make our first escape room a good time for all.

– Melanie T.

Fun and challenging! I would definitely do it again. Only negative was that we had 11 in our room. We think it would be more efficient to have 6-8.

– Mary F.

On our first visit, we did the CSI room. There were four of us in our group, which suited us well. The staff was helpful and friendly. I wish there was a top to the room because it gets loud, and it takes away from the experience. Our second visit was the Bomb Squad room, which was great. Everything looked real. It was a good-sized room for us, and the associate was personable and professional.

– Danielle L.

I had so much fun here on my birthday! My group had a blast, AND we were able to solve the murder and make it out before time was up! Staff was nice and helpful.

– Brooke T.

10/10 would recommend! Very fun little rooms. Open ceilings as not to frighten claustrophobic people. Book a whole room, hunt for a teeny discount, go on a weeknight, and I guarantee it will bring your fam or friends a bit closer!

– Tyler Z.

We had a small group of 4 and did the black and white room. I really enjoyed this room. It was very challenging with a few cool twists. The place was well lit, clean, and staff was pleasant. I would definitely do another room there.

– Oleg

Absolutely wonderful games and great hosts. I came with a bunch of friends for my third time, and I always wanna come back for more. Great atmosphere and really competitive. I definitely will try out the other locations as well!!

– Joey K.

We went together with a group from work. There were seven of us. We sucked and didn’t make it out of the escape room alive. But all in all, we had a blast. Except for Bruce. He didn’t do anything. But I guess he never does anything at work either.

– Matt E.

Great time. Challenging rooms. Lots of fun for larger groups. We had around 50 in the group, and they handled it well.

– Wes M.

We took 6 teens there, and they had a GREAT TIME. The staff and manager helping them were both awesome.

– Russell R.

My family and I took part in the Jumanji room and had an absolute blast! Caleb was our gamemaster, and he made the experience that much better with his great personality. We will definitely be going back!

– Josh P.

I enjoyed this a lot! Celebrated my daughter’s 20th birthday with family & friends! We did not escape, but we had so much fun!

– Tamika H.

It was our first time. We took our mother for her birthday, and we had a blast. We were in the superhero room. We didn’t make it, but we had fun trying. We will return.

– Milagro R.

We did the chocolate factory room, and it was amazing! So much fun. We escaped. Had a group of six, including a 10-year-old. Everyone had a blast, even my husband, who was hesitant to try a room. I used a Groupon and feel it was worth it!

– Terri H.

We had a great time here, even though we did not make it out. It was challenging and entertaining, and we had a great time. Took my wife and our three daughters, ages 14, 18, and 20, and we are planning on going back very soon. We went through the black and white room, and it was great.

– Charley M.

Our family of 5 had a wonderful time! The room from which we tried to escape had an abundance of intriguing clues for us to discover and was full of hidden drawers and passageways. It was a fun combination of high tech and low tech! We will go again for sure!

– Susan H.

The staff was amazing, and the room was a lot of fun. Me and my two sons, ages 10 and 12, decided on the Marvel heroes room recommended to us. It was thought out perfectly, and it wasn’t a cheap experience. They had an amazing setup. We ended up escaping in 42 mins, and the owner was impressed with my kids, stating most adults don’t figure it out. It really was hard, but we had great teamwork. I’m taking them again to try a more difficult level room, and I highly recommend this escape room

– Mike M.

Definitely one of the most entertaining and well-built escape rooms I’ve played. Great props, fun puzzles with logical solutions and little to no reliance on guesswork.

– Chris U.

Definitely one of the most entertaining and well-built escape rooms I’ve played. Great props, fun puzzles with logical solutions and little to no reliance on guesswork.

– Chris U.

The rooms are very well decorated, and the themes are great. It’s frustratingly hard in the best way. My group didn’t solve our room, but you can bet we will back soon to give another room a go!

– Johnny C.

Our church had a youth event at Escape Room Strongsville, and we had the time of our lives! So much fun. The rooms were all a great challenge level and incorporated multiple skillsets. The staff was very welcoming and helpful. Thank you so much for making our event amazing.

– Albert H.

We had such a great time here. Rachel, our gamemaster, was super awesome! She was totally into giving us a great experience and entertained us to no end before, during, and after our escape room. She was hilarious and made everything a blast! This place is first rate.

– Mohamad H.

This is one of the greatest things that I have experienced. The staff is very nice and professional and made everything really fun. We had a great time and will definitely be back again to try some of the other rooms. Great job, Escape Room Strongsville, for making my birthday awesome. See you soon.

– Heather M.

We had an amazing time! The black and white room was so much fun. It’s every modern, and the host of the game was really interactive. Definitely will be back.

– Dia D.

It wasn’t what I expected… it exceeded my expectations. I thought I was going to be bored, but once I got in and started my escape, my plans went down the drain and I had to improvise. I like being surprised by reality vs. expectations, and this was exactly that. Good job, guys, with doing such an awesome job. Now all there is to do is come to Lorain and Elyria and open up a location here.

– Team M.

I’ve been to most of the local escape rooms, and this place is by far the BEST!!! We played superheroes, and it was such an awesome game that we decided to play black and white. Without giving anything away, black and white was very, very unique!!

– Tim L.

Escaped the black & white room. Very fun and the perfect difficulty for the 4 of us! I will hit up this location again for another room when I’m in the area!

– Gary P.

The crew at Escape Room Strongsville was so accommodating and helpful for my daughter’s birthday party. Thanks to Jay (our awesome gamemaster), we escaped the room, and the girls were so proud of themselves! Definitely looking forward to trying more rooms. Puzzles are so clever and uniquely challenging. SO MUCH FUN!

– Hallum A.

I did the superhero room last night as a team building exercise with work colleagues — had a great time! Can’t wait to try another escape with friends. Highly recommend!

– Wendy S.

You can really tell that the creators of this place have a passion for what they do, as everything is so detailed and unique. The other escape room I did a year ago downtown didn’t even compare. Well done.

– Cody C.

I had the most amazing time with my family!!! It was our first time visiting this location, and we really enjoyed it!! We ran out of time to escape the CSI room, but we will be going back to try out the other rooms!! The hour we were in there was full of excitement and suspense!!! This is a great place to visit and use your thinking skills instead of having children play video games!!!

– Jenny M.

We have done many escape rooms. This was excellent. Well thought-out and executed. We made it to the very last step but sadly couldn’t escape. Ran out of time. Highly recommend. The bomb squad was amazing. Our helper, Gigi, was great also.

– Mearl S.

We had such a great time here. Jay, our gamemaster, was super awesome! He was totally into giving us a great experience and entertained us to no end before, during, and after our escape room. He was hilarious and made everything a blast!

– Freddie S.

What a great experience! We first did the superhero room and afterward did the chocolate factory (which we beat with 1:08 left on the clock!). Great rooms, and the staff was awesome! Highly recommended!!

– Ken C.

Fun, challenging escape rooms. Different rooms with multiple difficulty levels. They all have different themes. In the lobby, they have locks with riddles to help prepare you for the room. Great place. I highly recommend it.

– Matthew H.

I thought their North Olmsted location was amazing, but the Strongsville location is that on steroids! I thought a group of 7 was too much, but these rooms were very competitive and well worth it! The staff was just as helpful and friendly as the North Olmsted location. I can’t wait to try every game at the Strongsville location. Escape Room Cleveland is the best!

– Fay 216

Went with my family, first time ever at an escape room. Every one of us had a great time, and we plan on visiting again in the near future. A great time for anyone who likes puzzles and a challenge.

– Ed R.

I came in with a group of 10 family and friends, and we had the time of our lives! The chocolate factory was an amazing room. Great game play, and the design was like being in a real-life Willy Wonka chocolate factory. We had so much fun, I almost forgot that we didn’t escape. We will be back again.

– Vicki S.

We did the bomb squad room. Great fun, and the staff was friendly. Second escape room for me. We got out both times because my friends rock.

– Max T.

We did their CSI room, which had some challenging puzzles. I would say this room is a mid-level room for challenge. I will be back to do the superhero and bomb rooms. The set-up in those two rooms looks fantastic.

– Jeff D.

We had such an amazing time! The people working there were so kind and great at introducing us to the game since this was our first time. The rooms were organized and clean. The location was easy to find. Had plenty of parking. Time well spent.

– Seira C.

I went with great friends and had a lot of fun. It was not as easy as we expected. The challenge was pleasantly surprising!

– Kathy C.

This place was great. I hadn’t been to anything like this before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My group did the superhero room, and we definitely had to use teamwork to solve the puzzles. I’ve heard of other spots where people can do problem solving on their own, but this definitely wasn’t the case here.

The problems really got you thinking, and I was glad we had the option to get clues from the “eye in the sky” when needed. We escaped with 10 minutes to spare and had a great time! I look forward to going back and trying another room!

– Amy D.

It was my first time doing one of these, and it was a lot of fun. I went with family, and we managed to escape with 2 minutes left. 6 to 8 people is an ideal group size.

– Michael W.

If you haven’t tried an escape room, it is definitely time you do. Well, that is if you like puzzle solving and working work others to figure out things. Take a group of people whom you can all work out problems together. You don’t have time to argue. We tried the superhero escape room. It was a lot of fun. Book in advance so you can be sure your group won’t have to wait.

– Randy S.

I’ve done escape rooms all over the U.S. and Asia, and this is one of the best escape room companies I have ever been to. My friends and I went here and did 3 rooms back to back. We did the black and white, chocolate factory, and CSI, and they were all fantastic. The production value was so good. Usually in rooms you see a lot of wear and tear, but it’s not the case with this one. Everything looks fantastic and well-kept. They had types of puzzles I’ve never seen before, and it was really impressive. The overall difficulty was maybe a 7 or 8.

– Linda S.

We visited about an hour after they opened and loved the two escape rooms we did (superhero and bomb defusal). The hostess made the experience better by helping us with some bumps in the road we faced in the puzzles. 5 out of 5 stars, and we will visit again.

– Michael B.

The superhero room is amazing, and the game play was awesome!! Walking into the room was as if I was walking onto a movie set. The staff was fun and inviting. Good times!!

– J.

Probably one of the few things I have done where I absolutely loved it. I’ll definitely be looking into doing a few more.

– Dawn W.

My family and I are big fans of these escape rooms! The first one we went to was the location they have in North Olmstead. After doing all of those rooms, we just had to do more, and we were excited to find out about the location in Strongsville, so we just had to try the new challenges, and just like the first location, it was another success! Thank you and good luck in the future!

– Baron R.

Escape Room Strongsville helped make a family reunion so much more fun. We rented the whole place out and just had a blast. Jay and Rachel were the most amazing hosts! Thank you and God bless you both for going above and beyond!

– Sasha A.

We really enjoyed ourselves. The staff was very friendly, and the bomb squad room exceeded all our expectations.

– Husam E.

I had a wonderful experience. The CSI room was all that and a bag of chips!! The place is awesome and so is the staff!!

– Judy P.

The staff and the place just knocked us off of our feet. Thank you so much, guys. You really are a class act.

– John B.

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